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Yo! You! What are you gonna be?
What are you gonna do after you live as you please?

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( 15 : ? ) EXO lyrics.

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selfie time! with party kid oh sehun feat. wild bearyeol

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Yongguk bravely kissing a girl’s hand and being all smiley/shy after a fan kissed his hands ♥♥

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Stalia Week | Day Three: Favourite Touches

 I promised I’d help you study. Then we can go back to that. Lots of that. Like, so much.

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Stalia Week | Day Two: Favourite Scene

Well I don’t like this. I’m gonna kill you.

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I think we’re all gonna puke at this, right?

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gorgeous kai noticing you

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mysehun | do not edit.

mysehun | do not edit.

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